If you ever struggled with the problem of how to fit exercise into a busy schedule, you’re not alone. We live in a very fast paced world and time is officially the most scarce resource now.

There are more than a billion search results for the phrase ‘no time to exercise’. So, if it feels you’re falling a little behind – you’re not alone.

Whatever sparks an interest in us will inevitably require time. And our attention. Sometimes there’s so much stuff we want to do that we might find ourselves spread very thin.

Unfortunately, when it happens exercise is usually the first thing that gets dropped. And in vain.

How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

In my view, physical well-being is the cornerstone of a rich, successful, fulfilling and fun life. It creates energy, provides opportunities and keeps us healthy & strong throughout our life. Which is why it’s not about how to fit exercise into a busy schedule, but rather how to create time for it.

In the video below I share my 5 tips how to make room for daily exercise. Even with a busy schedule.

Running & marathon training on a busy schedule

I am no exception to this. With a full time job, family and running this blog, my plate is often quite full, which I am very grateful for. In the video above I share a story about how I started with early morning training and how it shaped my life so far.

It’s week 3 of my marathon training and it’s progressing quite well. This was the first week of what I call foundation phase and training starts to focus more on growing volume. At this point of time I do half of it on the bike to reduce training fatigue and the impact on legs. Here’s a quick summary:

Week 3 of marathon training

After giving my body a few weeks to adapt to the training process, I started to focus more on building the base fitness. Mostly by increasing the overall training volume.

This week’s schedule was:

  • Mon: 30min run – high Z2
  • Tue: 1h bike – easy Z2
  • Wed: off
  • Thu: 1h bike – low cadence Z3 intervals
  • Fri: 1h bike – Z2 (fasted)
  • Sat: 50min run – high Z2 (fasted)
  • Sun: 45min bike – Z3 intervals (fasted)

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