7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Consecutive Days

Over a seven-day period in the middle of November 2024, I will run a marathon on each of the 7 continents, starting at the end of the world: Antarctica.

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The Great World Race™

I am completing this challenge as part of The Great World Race™ - an extreme endurance challenge that captures the spirit of adventure & resilience. The race begins in Antarctica and finishes 168 hours later in Miami, USA. 

Besides being a physiological challenge (running 295km in a week) athletes are subject to sleep deprivation due to extensive travel time zone change, severe fatigue due to lack of proper recovery and extreme and unpredictable weather, as conditions range from very hot & humid (i.e. over 30°C in Australia) to freezing & windy (below -20°C in Antarctica).

great world race map

To make this happen I need your SUPPORT

I haven’t been more excited about a challenge or a race in my entire life! But I can’t achieve this without your support.

I'm really uncomfortable about simply asking for money. Sooooo, instead I'm going to offer A TON of value in return. It will be a form of a live program to help you prepare for your own resilience challenges. Scroll down to see what's included in the supporter's package.

"In return I am inviting you to join me on this adventure. I'll provide my entire training program, as well as EXCLUSIVE all-access view into my training & lifestyle. Join via links below."

Exclusive ALL-ACCESS view (Inner circle)

My entire 5-month training plan

Live course 'How to prepare for endurance challenge' split into 6 online lectures

Weekly video recap and analysis of key sessions (+ walkthrough my program)

Monthly Q&A

First hand view on live videos from the actual race

Full race debrief & lessons learned

Unlimited amount of inspiration, entertainment and good karma points

Meet the athlete | Andrejs Birjukovs

Andrejs is a multi-sport athlete, coach, book author, former pro kayaker and influencer.

Andrejs is a multisport athlete with a background in swimming, kayaking, marathon and trail running, as well as long distance triathlon. Throughout his professional athlete and coaching career, Andrejs has learned the value of reinventing oneself through physical exercise and lifestyle changes. You can read his story here.

His journey across different sports inspired him to develop a training methodology that, apart from results, also focuses on being healthy, happy and full of energy. He started to document it online and, in the years since, evidence based articles as well as published book about building lifelong fitness have reached millions of people around the world.

Besides athletic pursuits, Andrejs has 10+ years of experience in leadership positions in multinational corporations. With that he brings his resilience perspective into the corporate world.

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