Welcome To The Athlete Blog

Welcome To The Athlete Blog

As a pro athlete I used to be obsessed with training for the sole purpose of it. My logic was if one training session makes you stronger then more and harder should be even better? Injuries and setbacks, however, helped me understand that there is a much bigger world out there. Traveling, new experiences and activities brought new meaning to my training and made it much more effective, fun and enjoyable.

You can say I battled through a series of injuries and illnesses to learn the delicate art of tuning in with the body.

My Secret To Extraordinary Level Of Performance

Becoming a better athlete is not only about swimming, cycling or running more. No, it's about looking at the training process and lifestyle as a whole and optimizing all areas that impact performance. From nutrition and recovery to daily habits and mental health.

Much like every experience has an impact on our personality - be it physical, professional or personal - sport is also just a part of our life. This blog is about personal transformation and endurance training is a mechanism that makes it possible. It helped me learn the lessons in life and develop the drive, resilience and the will to achieve more. And I want to spread that message as far as possible.

Are you excited? Below are some of the posts to get you started


I believe our experiences define our identity - both physical and emotional. However, our mind always tries to sell us way short of what we're truly capable of. The more we push past those barriers and challenge ourselves - the more resilient we'll become.

So, what is it that inspires or scares you? Running a marathon, completing a 100-mile bike ride, trekking in the mountains or finishing an adventure race?

Healthy lifestyle

Looking good in swimwear is not the ultimate goal. Being in a great shape is just a result of a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle is what makes a person fit to take on any adventure - both athletic and personal one.

In training training - as in life - it's never about who exercises the most. Success, happiness and fulfillment is never about focusing on a single area. It's about carefully balancing what you want and every day taking one step towards it. Fixing details one by one. Not looking for quick hacks but rather uncovering underlying issues - one by one.


Being productive and successful at work, sport or personal life is all about the big picture. On this blog I emphasize all the small details that we tend to overlook on daily basis and show the ways how to optimize those.

Often people think more is better. However, usually it's the balance they get wrong - not the volume. When we have 7 hrs available every week it's much more effective to spend just 5 of those on training and remaining 2 on going early to bed, cooking food at home, meditating and cultivating other healthy habits.


Endurance lifestyle teaches people to be resilient and consistent. These are the two important qualities for achieving more in life as well. Step by step, moving forward - sometimes slowly - but never stopping. If you want to become extraordinary you have to put in the work.

Mental stress and negative self-talk hold ourselves back in anything what we want to achieve. Consistent action takes willpower, but that is exactly what brings sustainable results. A 30-minute run doesn't take away much from the day, but results in 3.5 hours of consistent training per week. Same is with anything in life.

Training Resources

The secret to achieving extraordinary results is to listen to yourself first. In sports it's listening to the body, in everyday life it’s listening to your ideas and in professional life - it’s staying true to your vision.

Everyone has their own pace and it’s important to develop all areas in balance and create a lifestyle that generates energy - not wastes it.

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