Have you ever felt your gym getting smaller and smaller? Or perhaps you’re not getting the same vibe? Maybe less motivated to lift weights? Perhaps your fitness routine needs an update – a new environment beyond the four walls. In that case, outdoor exercise can offer the best of both worlds.

Open-air fitness is not just exercise. It’s an opportunity to connect with the nature, people and even yourself. In this post I will share 5 training session you can try to experience that to the fullest.

Outdoor training – easy to start, easy to connect

In most cases outdoor exercise does not require much equipment. And even those activities that do have alternatives that don’t break the bank. Brands like Quintana Roo PR Series understand this and offer triathlon bikes designed for every level, which ensures the experience of open- air fitness is accessible to all.

And that’s the best part – nature is the great connector. It brings cyclists, hikers, and runners together to exercise in the open air, essentially making them workout buddies.

outdoor exercise

5 Outdoor workout ideas

The options for exercises are limitless, each one offering exciting challenges and beautiful views. Here are my 5 favorite ones:

Mountain Rock Climbing

Take on the vertical challenge by scaling a rock with your bare hands. Stride along the rugged terrain and reach for that far and foggy mountaintop.

Begin your adventure with a dynamic warm-up focusing on the arms, legs, and core. Once ready, tackle a series of climbs with increasing difficulty.

Start with a basic climb to get accustomed to the grip and foothold techniques, then progressively challenge yourself with steeper inclines. Aim for three to five climbs, allowing ample rest between each to maintain your energy and focus. Finish with a gentle stretch session to help your muscles recover.

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Road Cycling

Hit the wide road and take advantage of everything a bike ride offers. The monotonous rhythm of pedalling will be transformed into lovely music for everything from century rides to weekend getaways.

To have a nice workout, start off with a 15-minute warm-up at a gentle pace. This will get your legs ready. For the main part, cycle for 60 minutes on rolling terrain; start on flat surfaces, then move to gentle slopes. Sprinkle some intervals: pedal hard for two minutes, then recover at a slower pace for three minutes. Repeat this pattern five times. Conclude with a 15-minute cooldown ride at an easy pace to help your muscles relax.

Open-water Swimming

Escape from the pool’s monotony to the open water. Feel the cool water against your skin and the thrill of swimming in a lake or sea. You may even spot a sea turtle.

Warm up your body for 10 minutes by doing some easy swimming to help adjust to the temperature and water conditions. Proceed to the main part of the workout: swim at a moderate effort for five intervals of 10 minutes each, with a 3-minute easy swim in between for recovery. End with a 10-minute cooldown, focusing on slow and smooth strokes.

outdoor workout ideas

Outdoor Boot Camps

Transform your local park into an outdoor boot camp circuit. Have your friends / fellow athletes perform push-ups, squats, burpees, short sprints, or runs up a hill. As you push your body in each rep with full force, allow the fresh air to enter fully through your nostrils and sink deep into your lungs. The warmth of the sun will give you extra energy (and Vitamin D).

Warm up with a dynamic warmup and a series of bodyweight exercises, such as jumping jacks and high knees, for around 10 minutes. Make a circuit including burpees, push-ups, squats, hill runs, and quick sprints. Complete each exercise for one minute, then take a 30-second break. Repeat the circuit three times.

Encourage full effort during active periods and deep breathing during rest. Wrap up with a cool-down session of stretching and deep breathing for 10 minutes.

Outdoor Yoga

Ask anyone who has practiced yoga outdoors and they will agree that nothing can match the fresh air in a meadow or the divine light of the forest. Feel connected to the land and the universe by taking a deep breath and curling your toes in the crisp grass.

Start off by focusing your mind and body on breathing deeply for a few minutes. After that, warm up with a series of basic positions like downward dog, cat-cow, and slow lunges. Move into a series of sun salutations—try to perform at least five rounds. Use the remaining time to experiment with more advanced stretches and calming positions. Finish your practice with a five- to ten-minute meditation or savasana (corpse posture) to maximize its benefits.

Nature offers an unmatched full-body (and full-spirit) experience that will leave you wanting more, regardless of which outdoor exercise appeals to you.

The true power of outdoor exercise

Exercising in the nature can bring about mental clarity and emotional refreshment. Being outside almost feels like a way to reconnect with your inner self. It seems as though the daily grind simply disappears and you are left to simply exist in a state of tranquillity.

There is nothing more restorative than spending time in the nature. You can take deep breaths, let go of stress, and find peace when walking unevenly on hills or trails, switching between quick walking and jogging. It’s as if Mother Nature herself is whispering, “Breathe deeply, my child, and let your worries dissipate with every step.”

What are you waiting for then? Release yourself from the confines of closed spaces and embrace the outdoors as your play area. Allow the rejuvenating power of nature to revitalize your body, mind, and soul.

Will you answer the call of the vast outdoors?

Fionna Galliard

Fionna is a passionate freelance content writer who enjoys creating engaging and informative content. She also runs a small business specializing in baked goods, delighting customers with her culinary creations. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Fionna loves jogging and hiking with her dogs whenever possible.