Endurance Training For Personal Development

Although it might sound like it, this website is not only about training advice and race reports. Much like every experience has an impact on our personality - be it physical, professional or personal - sport is just a part of our life.

For me personally, physical exercise has become a mechanism to find & connect with my higher purpose. This lifestyle has taught me to proactively search for what I can do to become a better athlete, a considerate person and a passionate leader. And that’s the experience I share here.

The Athlete Blog is about cultivating the athlete’s mentality and applying it to daily life. Developing oneself, focusing on what matters, accepting challenges, persevering, embracing change and overall becoming the best version of yourself.

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Athletic training blog with tips on training process, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention.


Exciting travel stories, inspiring new experiences, race reports and more.

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1-to-1 coaching focused on training analysis and getting you in the best shape of your life.


Train For Adventure

I used to be obsessed with training for the sole purpose of it. My logic was if one training session makes you stronger then more and harder should be even better, right?

Injuries and setbacks, however, helped me understand that there is a much bigger world out there. Traveling, new experiences and activities brought new meaning to my training and made it much more effective, fun and enjoyable.

I started The Athlete Blog as a place to inspire others to start their own adventures and live life to the fullest. But besides that also as a tool to help others get in top shape and able to do all those awesome and crazy things.

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