Heart Rate Zone Calculator

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Your Resting HR: (or use 60)
Your Maximum HR: (or use 211 – 0.64 x Age)
ZoneEffortTarget Heart Rate*Training Benefit
ZONE 150% - 60% - Warmup / Recovery
ZONE 260% - 70% - Base Fitness
ZONE 370% - 80% - Aerobic Capacity
ZONE 480% - 90% - Anaerobic Capacity
ZONE 590% - 100% - Speed Training

* This heart rate zone calculator uses the Karvonen method to determine what's called a 'target heart rate zone'. Resulting heart rate zones are known to be very close to the actual ones - those obtained in a laboratory during a functional test.

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What To Do After Calculating Heart Rate Zones?

Calculating your heart rate zones is just the beginning.

The next step is to apply this data to your training and customize the