Advertising & Partnerships

Advertising & Partnerships

Are you a company, brand or even a destination looking to connect with target demographic in Adventure Travel and Endurance Sports niches? Or wondering how to transform your product or service into an experience?

The Athlete Blog can help market your brand with authenticity & creativity.

About The Athlete Blog


Andrejs is a former professional athlete who created The Athlete Blog as a way of sharing his experience. His journey across different sports inspired him to develop a training methodology that - apart from results - also focuses on being healthy, happy and full of energy. You can read his personal story here.


On this website Andrejs shares his experience and adventures from around the world (and across different sports) to a loyal following of readers who trust his advice and recommendations. Through entertaining adventure stories, helpful training, racing and productivity tips, as well as a portion of good humor Andrejs motivates people to embark on a journey of personal transformation and begin something new.


The Athlete Blog is a popular website that inspires readers to lead a healthy, adventurous and most fulfilling life possible. It connects with passionate and driven individuals who seek new experiences, are action takers and committed to personal growth.

Key Markets: USA, UK, Germany, India, Australia


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On a daily basis Andrejs is exposed to highly committed and engaged athletes who seek inspiration and advice on various aspects of performance.

As a competitive athlete and coach himself, Andrejs is on a constant lookout for products and services that are aimed at sustainably improving endurance performance which he can use/endorse.

Content Marketing

The best way to reach new customers or develop more intimate relationship with existing ones is by providing value. Andrejs can deliver a high quality blog post & social media coverage to showcase a product/service to a large, engaged audience. Thanks to experience in blogging and knowledge of SEO, his articles rank high in search results and attract a lot of attention.

Public Speaking

Combining experience in corporate leadership roles with his passion for coaching and performance Andrejs brings a unique perspective that inspires people to set ambitious goals and find creative ways to achieve them.

He is an experienced public speaker and equipped with a thirst for self-improvement he helps organizations inspire action, trigger positive change, deliver a certain message or simply boost productivity.

Guest Posting

This website is not just a resource for fitness enthusiasts. It's also a community of ambitious and adventurous people who are passionate about personal growth and healthy living.

If you have a story to tell about a physical or mental challenge, a bucket list trip or an adventure experience - this is the place for you. The Athlete Blog would be happy to help you refine and publish it.

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