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Heart Rate Training

If getting better at any sport was only about training more and harder there would be more happy, strong and fast athletes.

Unfortunately, the go-go-go approach takes its toll on the body. Pushing oneself with training load & intensity without considering how the body reacts is a recipe for overtraining & burnout. I know this because I’ve been there.

The secret to performance is listening to how the body feels and giving it what it needs at that specific moment.

This is where heart rate training comes in. It’s a precise and convenient way to ensure an athlete is exercising at the right intensity given the current condition - physiological or environmental.

Why Heart Rate Training?

Heart rate is a versatile parameter that reflects all stress factors affecting the body on a given day – intensity, impact of previous training, stress, sleep quality, weather, etc. As the load on the body increases (via intensity or other factors), it starts to require more oxygen & nutrients and the blood must make more circles around the body to provide it. Hence, heart rate increases.

We can do an all-out sprint workout or not get enough sleep one night. The result would be similar - our heart rate would go wild the next morning. That heart rate response should serve as a warning light to step back, investigate why the body is under stress and then adapt the training protocol accordingly.

Heart Rate Training resources

Using heart rate zones is a effective way to optimize training for your lifestyle and make it ultra effective. 'Training in zones' means structuring sessions around a specific effort level to adapt it for certain needs (endurance, speed, strength, power, recovery, etc.). This approach produces very effective results, even at low training volumes.

Heart Rate Is A Convenient Tool To Learn The Fine Art Of Tuning In With Your Body.

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