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    Turn Data Into Lifelong Performance

    We can control and transform our health & fitness at any age. However, the problem is that most of us are drowning in information, and yet starving for sustainable strategies that we can actually use to improve the quality of our lives.

    If we listen to every expert, fitness influencer, and celebrity there are hundreds of different things we should be doing to build fitness and improve our health. Long runs, HIIT workouts, stretching, green smoothies, cold showers, meditation…

    Sure, in a perfect world we have plenty of time to spend on ourselves. But it just doesn’t happen that way - most of us have real life commitments to fit in somewhere, which tends to change everything! You know, meetings run late, babies don’t sleep well, anniversaries, holidays...

    fitness build expectation vs reality

    The perfect way to get healthy may sound good in theory, but it’s just not practical. Someone else’s idea of perfect might be okay for them, but wildly unrealistic for you. The truth is, building fitness is a series of ups & downs. We push ourselves a little, learn how the body responds and then repeat in a much more focused way.

    The good news is that we already have all the tools we need to make be successful. Most of us already have a fancy watch that collects all kinds of data about our performance and lifestyle. Speed, distance, power, heart rate, VO2max and threshold values, running dynamics, respiration and oxygenation rates, sleep quality… We just need someone to show us how to maximize them.

    The secret to achieving extraordinary results is to listen to yourself first. So, instead of relying on the “expert’s” idea of a perfect plan, why not build a sustainable, perfect-for-ME plan guided by your individual metrics?

    "I Can Show You How To Use Data To Analyze How Training & Lifestyle Habits Impact Your Performance, As Well As Help You ‘Tune Up’ All Those Little Nuances To Ultimately Perform And Live BETTER."

    Methodology Focused On Heart Rate Training

    I've channelled years of experience in professional sports and rehabilitation into effective science-based methodology which cuts through the noise and provides strategies you need for life-long health & fitness. My approach is based on individual metrics and delivers sustainable results. And I am happy to share it with you!

    Intensity Measures

    Methodology uses heart rate zones to ensure that everything the body goes through is taken into account. That includes training-related stress, as well as impact from everyday lifestyle (emotional stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, etc.)

    Performance Data

    Race results, time trials or FTP tests is not the only data that matters. The most useful data is continuous and shows individual trends and benchmarks over time (i.e. heart rate at certain efforts, developing muscle tightness / pain)

    Recovery Indicators

    Learn to ‘monitor’ and optimize your lifestyle by paying attention to tangible markers like resting heart rate, HRV, sleep quality, blood markers (i.e. glucose, lactate, CK) and even non-tangible metrics like mood or appetite.

    "This Is NOT A One-Size-Fits-All Training Plan. Regardless Whether You Are An Experienced Or Hobby Athlete, My Methodology Is Focused On You As Individual. YOUR Background, YOUR Lifestyle And YOUR Fitness. "

    What others are saying

    "Working with Andrejs made me appreciate and even enjoy the hard work that is required to improve"

    He has a wealth of experience and he translates theory into practice in easily understandable formats. I am running faster, feeling stronger and there is less fatigue following big runs.


    Istanbul, Turkey

    "Having Andrejs design a full distance triathlon training plan for me has proven to be an invaluable decision"

    It has removed the guesswork and allowed me to focus my time and energy on the physical workouts. He was very personable and knowledgeable during our conversations, and he worked with my schedule to set up video calls despite our significant time difference.


    Tennessee, USA

    "One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

    Working with Andrejs has been amazing. The program he designed specifically for my Superbike racing season has helped me to get fitter, stronger and more competitive than I’ve ever been.


    Johannesburg, South Africa

    "Andrejs as a trainer is a must for anyone serious about challenging themselves to their maximum!"

    Andrejs was always more than just a trainer, taking care of both my physical and mental needs to prepare me for my multi-marathon challenge. He'd provide a solution for every muscle pain I came up with so that I could continue training to the maximum of my ever improving abilities.


    Tokyo, Japan

    "Andrejs is very experienced with heart rate training, as well as various tools & gadgets"

    He helped me to make sense of all the data I was getting and organize my training process. Training for me is a way to stay healthy and during our coaching sessions he introduced me to the professional way of training and taught me how to adapt it for my own needs.


    Moscow, Russia

    "I really appreciate the variety and time-effectiveness of the plan that Andrejs has created for my half-Ironman race"

    The best part was that my knee pain went away after I regularly did the strength and mobility routines. I’m very happy with the progress and feel like it will be a strong season for me this year.


    Budapest, Hungary

    "Andrejs program and encouragement has been invaluable for me to stay consistent with my training"

    He gives continuous feedback and great advice. His training plan made me feel good about the work that I’m putting in, see results and keep it up. Hope to join my first endurance race this year.


    Michigan, USA

    "Andrejs was amazingly supportive in every aspect of my training process!"

    After completing a triathlon I wanted to shift my training to focus on a new goal - a half marathon PB. I was overwhelmed by the information and guides out there. Yet, I struggled to find a plan that would allow me to maintain cycling and swimming fitness. Andrejs structured my training to do exactly that and introduced me to the world of HR training.


    Sydney, Australia

    "Andrejs helped me immensely to regain my fitness and go beyond my limits"

    By setting reasonable, achievable goals and building over time, I found myself doing more than I imagined, and there is a road ahead.


    New York, USA

    Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning with the energy and confidence to take up any adventure - without wondering if you're fit or strong enough to complete it. This is what life will be like when you ‘tune up’ every aspect of your well-being.

    A Message From Your Coach

    There is a World Class athlete in everyone of us, burning to challenge the limits and push the boundaries of what's possible. However, in such quest for glory performance and results often start to stagnate. If not go the wrong way.

    I know this because I’ve been there myself - chasing peak fitness and struggling on a journey to what I thought was optimal athletic performance. Trying to get to the next level, but with limited knowledge of what to do, ending up just repeating the same thing over and over again.

    In my combined 20+ years of competitive swimming, kayaking, running and triathlon experience I’ve done it all. Won races as well as finished towards the back of the pack. Had the ability to put in 30-hour training weeks as well as struggled to carve out just half an hour for exercise. Been on World Championship level as well as forced to start from the beginning as a result of overtraining (or injury). Felt on top of the world as well as suffered from fatigue, mental and physical burnout.

    You can say I learned the hard way that pushing hard does not guarantee success. It took me years of daily mistakes to find the path that leads to lasting results. But once I figured it out, everything started to fall into place very quickly.

    "Something Tells Me You Came Here Because - Like Me - You Believe Your Body Is Capable Of More. And It Sure Is!"

    I’ve considered myself an athlete for the most part of my life and was blessed to be trained by many great coaches. However, once I started combining all the knowledge & experience from different training philosophies into my own training methodology, I felt I’ve discovered a deep reservoir of untapped potential.

    By diving into the data and building myself from the ground up I managed to go from a back-of-the-pack hobby athlete to a top-level competitor in a mere 2 years. Over the following 8 years I’ve had multiple Top 20 finishes at World & European Championships. But I didn’t stop there. Instead, I started writing programs and giving training advice to some of my friends. A hobby that quickly turned into a passion. Since then, I tested my methodology in several different sports, coaching hundreds of athletes of all levels of performance reach their best.

    5 Principles Of Coaching The Athlete Blog - visual

    For a long time I lived in search of peak performance. Tunnel visioned on a specific race/result. Looking to squeeze out every ounce of energy I have only to arrive at the finish line with nothing left in the tank. In a weird way exhausting myself fully brought a sense of achievement and made me feel good about myself - that I’ve given it my best shot. What I found for myself, however, and consistently notice in the athletes I coach is that while peaks come and go, life goes on. The excitement of achieving something might last for a day, a week, or a few months. But eventually fades. And that is because the peak is never the end destination - there is always a bigger world ahead.

    Which is why my approach is not bound to one specific area. Instead, it’s focused on becoming an all-around strong and resilient athlete. A step-by-step framework designed to build foundational fitness and develop resilience through gradual mindset and lifestyle changes. Strategies to cultivate the mindset to overcome setbacks and grow confidence. Systems to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to have more energy and feel less stressed. And, of course, training tactics to get fit for all those experiences and adventures we dream of having throughout our lifetime.

    If this sounds exciting to you and you want to revitalize your fitness & well-being, then I’m excited to invite you to reach out and join my coaching program.

    Speak soon,

    coaching page signature Andrejs Birjukovs

    Andrejs Birjukovs | Endurance coach

    Andrejs is a multisport athlete with a background in swimming, kayaking, marathon running and long-distance triathlons. Originally from Latvia, he represented his country on numerous occasions in World and European Championships, as well as the Universiade.

    Throughout his competitive athlete career Andrejs has learned the value of reinventing himself through physical exercise and lifestyle changes. Now he uses that experience to coach others how to sharpen the art of listening to the body and use it to lead an active, empowered & fulfilling life.

    Andrejs runs The Athlete Blog where he shares his training and coaching experience with the world. You can read his personal story here.

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