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Resilient athletes are made, not born ...

Training for a physical challenge or towards a performance goal can be daunting.

The journey to the start line of that marathon, Ironman triathlon, ultra endurance race is fraught with potential setbacks. Constant stress can take a toll on the body and even impact athlete mental health.

Which is why, Resilient Athletes think long-term. They are looking to develop lifelong fitness, not just shine in a single race. They build themselves from the ground up to withstand any pressure, be able to jump on any opportunity and uncover their full potential – as an athlete and a human.

The Resilient Athlete uncovers tools & strategies of professional athletes that YOU can use to develop mental strength, adopt an active lifestyle and build lifelong fitness.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Cultivate the winner’s mindset
Improve emotional health and wellbeing
Grow in self-confidence
Adopt a healthy & active lifestyle
Reduce mental stress
Improve energy levels naturally
Improve athletic performance
Break through training & workout plateau
Improve mobility & prevent injuries
Build functional strength & move pain free

... and much much more!


What People Are Saying

“Andrejs understands and describes very well the athletes’ lifestyle and the journey that they take. This book will help anyone improve and become the best version of themselves”

Laura Ikauniece

professional track & field athlete, WC/EC medalist, 2x Olympian

“Reading The Resilient Athlete, I saw myself in a lot of situations and struggles that athletes go through to achieve their goals. The book shows that to reach your full potential, not only as an athlete but as a whole person, you need to live a different kind of lifestyle—a resilient lifestyle"

Roberts Akmens

professional sprint kayaker, WC/EC medalist, Olympian

“A moving and insightful take on what it means to challenge your body, mind and soul in taking on an incredible endurance challenge. What I truly love about this piece is it really walks you through what putting yourself out there means.”

David Kilgore

professional ultra trail runner

“I value Andrejs’ view on being a complete athlete—where focus is placed on mental strength, complete body health and proper training approach, all without losing ambition and the fun of the sport. This book is a masterpiece and a must-read for all athletes who want to use sport as an upgrade for their live.”

Hans Bruns

online entrepreneur and trail runner

“The Resilient Athlete teaches us how to be “fit for life”—athletically, mentally and purposefully. The book is loaded with concepts, tools and exercises to become your best self, all “chunked” into pieces that are easy to adapt and implement.”

Jeffrey Thomas

business investor and lifestyle athlete

“A fantastic book for the self-coached athlete! This book takes the holistic approach, giving you real world guidance on how to get smarter at training for life and sport. It’s crammed with actionable points that won’t just help you in your athletic endeavours—they will give you a new perspective on life!”

Rachel Coe-O’Brien

physiotherapist and triathlete

“The Resilient Athlete is a book that I highly recommend to anyone—a seasoned athlete, a dedicated amateur, or someone trying to start their fitness journey. It has tips and tricks for you to improve your training, mentality and performance. Andrejs encourages and motivates you, no matter where you are in your journey, and shows that it is never too late to make progress.”

Beth Morgan

white-water kayak athlete/coach and EC champion

“By sharing his own vulnerability and the challenges, Andrejs guides any keen athlete through a process of how to build their own solid foundation for a successful—and more importantly, enjoyable—lifetime of training. Resilience is more than just physical, and his book reassures us that we all have the potential and capability to harness this superpower within us.”

Symone Genovezos

dietitian and runner

“Going way above any expectations, Andrejs has gracefully managed to pack an easy-to-read book with an extensive amount of knowledge that is summarized and broken down in a way that I know I’ll be taking this book off of the bookshelf from time to time to review both mine and my students’ training plans.”

Karlis Plakans

adventure cyclist and fitness and calisthenics coach

Are you an elite pro looking to develop mental strength and gain an edge over the competition? A student seeking to cultivate a winner’s mindset to overcome life challenges more effectively? A busy parent trying to get more return from your cardio and strength training? A competitive athlete aiming to return from injury safely and build fitness pain free? Or simply someone who wishes to improve energy levels on a daily level to have a happier and more fulfilling life?


The Resilient Athlete

The Resilient Athlete presents a series of self-coaching sessions, much like ones you would have with a performance coach. These are not geared towards one particular sport, but rather focus on creating an ultimate athletic experience – one where physical and emotional states are in balance with purpose.

Andrejs shares his journey from an overtrained pro athlete towards becoming The Resilient Athlete, and how he discovered what the ultimate athletic experience is. You’ll understand why in order to see consistent progress it's important to not only train your body, but also to optimize your lifestyle and develop an 'athlete mindset'.

Andrejs shares the four fundamental steps that build character, expand individual's comfort zone and lead to consistent personal growth. You’ll discover the strategies that elite athletes and top performers use to cultivate the winner’s mindset, maintain motivation, improve emotional health and wellbeing, as well as build emotional fitness.

This section pulls back the curtain on how exactly elite athletes are able go through immense training load - week over week, year over year. It covers all aspects of recovery and includes systems you can apply to adopt a healthy & active lifestyle, reduce mental stress and naturally improve energy levels.

A guide to not only training for your next race, but also building lifelong fitness. Andrejs introduces the concept of a well-rounded athlete and the importance of building yourself for the long term. You’ll learn the training tactics used by professional athletes & coaches that will help you improve athletic performance, break through training & workout plateau and - the best part - keep the training fun!


About the author

Andrejs Birjukovs

Andrejs Birjukovs is a certified coach, a former pro athlete and a blogger with over 1 million annual readers.

Andrejs is a multisport athlete with a background in swimming, kayaking, marathon and trail running, as well as long-distance triathlon. Throughout his professional athlete and coaching career, Andrejs has learned the value of reinventing oneself through physical exercise and lifestyle changes.

His journey across different sports inspired him to develop a training methodology that, apart from results, also focuses on being healthy, happy and full of energy. He started to document it online and in the years since, evidence-based articles about building lifelong fitness have reached of millions of people all around the world.

Resilience is a force that drives someone to push through the hard bits and simply refuse to quit – neither in a race nor in life. It’s that secret sauce allowing an athlete to show up every day, put in the work, progress over the years and do it all with passion. Take the opportunity to discover how YOU can level up and uncover your athletic potential!