Have you ever wondered how to create a marathon training plan yourself? To answer the questions like how much to run every week, which intervals to do, what to eat, what to wear for training. And even more.

There’s a lot of advice I already shared on this blog, in particular during my first marathon journey. However, there is a lot more that I want to share and, most importantly, show you.

Marathon training

My last marathon was in October 2019 and due to the pandemic all of the races I signed up for in 2020 were cancelled. While I do miss the racing part, I miss the structured approach to marathon training even more. Not to mention having that one goal race in the future that I prepare for. To me this build-up of excitement is what makes the whole day special.

So, this is where the idea of a vlog was born:

How to create a marathon training plan

This is the first video in the series about my marathon training process. I want to share some behind the scenes how I build my marathon training plan, how I train, how I prepare for the race. And, above all else, to take you along on this journey. So, let me know in YouTube comments or here what race do you have in mind and let’s train together.

In this video I share the background and theory behind my training process, as well as some ideas how to build your own marathon training plan. I use the same principles in my training as I do for the athletes I coach. So, you can take the ideas I share in this video and apply for yourself.

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Week 1 of marathon training

This was the first week of a structured marathon training. I’m easing into the schedule and the priority is to build back the habit of exercising daily.

This week’s schedule was:

  • Mon: off
  • Tue: 30min run – Z2
  • Wed: 1h bike – Z1/Z2
  • Thu: 30min run – Z2
  • Fri: off
  • Sat: 45min bike – Z1 incl. 8x30sec pick-up to Z4
  • Sun: 30min run – Z2 (fasted)

This is something new that I am doing and I’m putting a ton of effort into building my presence on YouTube. So, if you enjoy the content, do me a favor — subscribe to my channel and I promise my videos will continue to get better.

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