eBook – Train For Adventure: 4 Steps To Lasting Performance

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This eBook provides practical insights into endurance training and what does it take to approach training as an athlete. You can expect to learn:

  • How to periodize your training for best results
  • How to dial in training intensity to make any plan work for you
  • Different training techniques and how to select the right one for you
  • And more (recovery, pacing, strength & mobility, etc.)…


43 pages of actionable training advice

Bonus: Access to webinar (3hrs) about science and practical application of heart rate training


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By downloading this eBook, you understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding your participation in any of the fitness programs. You represent and warrant that you are physically fit and have no medical condition that would prevent your engagement in vigorous physical exercise. You also agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result of such participation.


Product Description

Some athletes are prisoners of choice – they select a sport and that becomes the lane they stick to or even define themselves by. I’m a runner, I’m a kayaker, I’m a gymnast. And while as athletes we are an ambitious bunch and we do want to get better, the world is much wider than just that one lane.

A good athlete is a well-rounded one and is able to take up any challenge – be it running a marathon, completing an adventure race, or going on a multi-day trek.

We have the gift of fitness, so why not use it to expand our horizons and make the most of our lives? It’s a much wider definition of testing yourself and living up to your potential than simply completing a marathon in a certain time.

Too many highly motivated athletes are driven by accumulating training hours and, as a result, lose sight of the big picture of performance evolution. Often in the quest for personal glory, such athletes rely on high intensity training to trigger growth because it produces quick and visible results (i.e., speed or muscle gain). But in reality, such isolation puts a limit on long-term progress and can contribute to plateaus, frustration and burnout. The truth is, those very intense and impressive workouts that we see – from World-class athletes, influencers or even our friends, – are just the highlights and represent a small part of a balanced training process. Typically, less than 10-20% of the total volume. Imitating that can add unnecessary fatigue and disrupt the gradual progression of the training process.

In a way, most professional and elite athletes do have a secret. That’s knowledge and experience they’ve gained over years of training and racing which helps them tailor their training process for their particular needs and maximize the effect. More importantly, they’ve built strength and stability in supportive muscles and joints over the years of consistent, easy training, which allows them to utilize their body’s full capacity and process more training stress. It’s this foundation that separates top athletes from the rest – not necessarily hard intervals or more hours.

Athletes who are just starting out, generally, don’t have that background and they are much less resistant to fatigue due to limited range of motion, lack of core strength or less developed aerobic capacity. The “secret” is, therefore, to focus on foundation and becoming a well-rounded athlete – not on adding more intensity.

Invitation To Optimize Your Training

The purchase of this eBook includes access to a 3-hour-long webinar that covers science and practical application of heart rate training.

If getting better at any sport was only about training more and harder there would be more happy, strong and fast athletes. Instead, the secret to performance is listening to how the body feels and giving it what it needs.

‘Training in zones’ means structuring sessions around a specific effort level to adapt it for certain needs (strength, power, endurance, recovery, etc.). This approach produces very effective results, even at low training volume.

The webinar is aimed to help create structure, mindset and accountability required to consistently improve fitness, unlock full potential and perform your best.

What you can expect from the webinar

Have you ever seen a ‘heart rate zone’ chart sticker on the treadmill at the gym or somewhere online? The one with different colors, age ranges and numbers? It can seem daunting to understand the theory of heart rate zones and even more difficult to put it into practice.

This 3-hour Heart Rate Training Masterclass covers the science and practical application of heart rate zones to help you create the structure, mindset and accountability you need to consistently improve fitness, unlock your full potential and perform your best.

2 reviews for eBook – Train For Adventure: 4 Steps To Lasting Performance

  1. Yasser

    Great mix of training advice across all areas of training process. Actionable and result-oriented. Especially loved the HR training part, as I get data from my smartwatch and didn’t know how to use it in training.

  2. Ahmet

    I completed the world marathon challenge in January 2023. In this event, the athletes run 7 full marathons on 7 continents in 7 consecutive days. It is an extreme challenge in that there is no sleeping in a bed or even a proper meal and 12-hour flights every day during these seven days. The Train For Adventure eBook was invaluable in preparation to the finish line providing guidance throughout my training. In fact, it is so much more than a guide, incorporating science, expertise, to the point exercises via videolinks and precision advice including recovery and nutrition . A must read !

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